London Workers Trumpet Bonus Protests, Others Mouth-Sealed and Frightened

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London, UK – Bus protesters continue to take their course of action— asks for £500 for the Olympic Games.   Hundreds of workers from the Boris bike services are the latest to secure their bonus for the Games.  Every day, more groups are showing their interest to get the same bonus for the added work and services during the Olympics when domestic and foreign tourists are expected to flood the city.

The question is, how about those workers that won’t be getting any additional pay for their additional work hours? When the borough of the Olympic Stadium Newham were asked if he’s going to receive any extra, he said not but they would just be working really hard this game season.

Who else are working hard? Most of the Londoners, especially those unsung heroes like shop workers working more hours, hauliers putting more hours of work for deliveries, and postmen, find themselves clocking up with their free overtime.

The British Traffic Police won’t be getting extra centavo for their overtime and are subject to leave restriction during the Olympics. Paul Robinson, a postman claimed that he’d be working overtime for the surge of traffic expected until the last day of the Olympics.  He said that he won’t get extra pay for his extra work.

Meanwhile he said that the people should get extra pay for their extra work, a disruption for many. He said that they were offered a 2-hour extra pay but a condition that someone has to complete his route whether that’s only two hours or more is included.

A small biz owner in central London stated that staffs must be enumerated. He told reports that he would pay extra to his staffs who would be putting in more money for his shop during the games.

Meanwhile, there are also people working without pay during the Games. For instance the 44-year old volunteer of Buckinghamshire, Gerrards Cross believes that transport workers have London mayor overpowered.  He also said that most volunteers like him would have 250-hour practice for the Games opening ceremony. He claimed that he’ll be working 11 days full time during the volleyball competition. The postman said that these days would be longer because they’re unpaid.

Extra work, extra trouble!

He said that the key point is that people are working sincerely for the extra work. That is the reason they did like the London Underground workers. It’s the sector to put in more work and extra trouble. He thinks that it’s unfair to compensate these people and that’s the point he’s trying to put up.

Meanwhile, he also thinks that the workers are just afraid to lose their jobs when they express their opinions regard the issue. One haulier of the Clarks shoes shop just answered “What do you think?” when asked if he would get a bonus for the Games. He said that he’s got to work nightshift overtime which he’s never done in his life.

What happens next? Tune in for more updates of the London transport workers protests for a bonus of £500. Did the bus drivers/protesters really got the London mayor by the shorts and curlies?

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